The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
— Lao Tze

VR Works

Tissue Kubari Experience

Experience the world through the eyes of a famous cartoon character! The "Tissue Kubari Experience" is a lighthearted game demo that let's you play the role of the famous "otaku" cartoon character, Unity-chan. Taking a break from her usual hobbies, she has decided to start a part-time job.

What kind of job, you ask? Well, handing out packages of tissue of course! This is quite a popular part-time job here in Japan. The player has 3 minutes to hand out as many tissues as possible to passersby. Points are awarded for each tissue given out. And of course, showing respect in Japan is important! So when the player bows their head politely and gives out a tissue, they are awarded bonus points.

Technical Details

This demo uses the original Oculus hardware, the Rift Development Kit 2. By harnessing the power of the Unity 5 game engine and their Asset Store, we were able to quickly create a prototype demo within a few days. Additionally, this demo uses the Leap Motion Controller. This controller allows for real time hand recognition inside the 3D VR environment, and elevates the sense of "presence," making the player feel like they have entered the body of the Unity-chan character!

Mobile Works

Push Paste

You can never put enough toothpaste on your toothbrush!

Push as much paste out of the tube as you can, but be careful only to get it on the brush! Don't waste that precious paste on the spinning, whirling, flipping and flopping obstacles!

Push enough paste, and you'll be rewarded with the all-powerful paste FEVER!


Oh La La Elephant

Oh la la! A flipping, jumping, leaping, vaulting Elephant!

His only goal is to bring smiles and joy to the world through amazing acrobatic feats.

Can you help him on his journey?

Easier said than done, however! Our happy Elephant is a bit of a Perfectionist! He strives to get that PERFECT landing every time.

Simply swipe left and right to carefully balance the elephant on his ball, and release your finger to fly through the air and onto the next ball! Timing and balance is key, so take your time to hit that perfect landing!


Gem Pop Fever

Feel the FEVER in this Action Puzzle game! Simply swipe a line to pop your way to the top! Gem Pop Fever brings classic jewel matching to a whole new level of fun! Deceptively simple! Match any color gem with ANY OTHER gem! Just line up any combination of 5 gems, then watch them pop!

But if you match 5 jewels of the SAME color, you enter FEVER mode! Swipe and pop while the fever is hot! Don't pop too slow, or you'll never crush your friends' high scores to be king of the leaderboards!

Main features:
● Simple! Match any combination of 5 gems!
● Hidden depth! Stack your FEVER bonuses for huge bonus points!
● Google+ Leaderboards! Pop your way to the top!

Can you pop to the top?! Download NOW to feel the FEVER!



Technical Details

Gem Pop Fever is our first product release in the mobile space. Developed over the course of a few weeks, it serves as an example for a minimum viable product in the mobile app market. In addition to exciting and addicting gameplay, it provides all the features you would expect from a mobile game:

● Cross platform compatibility via Unity3D engine
● In-App Purchases via Soomla API
● Free to play
● Leaderboards via Google+
● Interstitial ads via UnityAds
● Banner ads via AdMob

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