Who we are...

'Pittari' means 'just right' or 'perfect fit' in Japanese. Which describes exactly the type of solutions we aim to provide for our clients. We are a small and growing company based in Osaka, Japan. Although we specialize in development of content for VR, we have expertise in a wide range of software fields.

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Our Mission

In a word, 'Excellence.'

We strive for excellence in serving our clients. We strive for excellence in the products we create. We strive for excellence in solving the world's problems. Excellence is a core value at Pittari.

Excellence requires inspiration, knowledge, passion, and discipline. We draw on inspiration to grant us a vision of what to pursue. Knowledge gives us the know-how to bring that vision into reality. Passion grants us the power to overcome any difficulties that we encounter. Finally, we utilize discipline to maintain high standards of excellence for ourselves and our clients.

For us, excellence is always the 'perfect fit.'

Why choose us?


Our small nature lets us adapt quickly to this changing industry, and provide the most appropriate solution for you. VR is a hugely volatile industry at the moment, and choosing the right or wrong technologies for your solution could mean the difference between success and obsolesence in just 6 months. We'll help you to adapt and navigate this uncertainty.


Knowledge and Expertise

Great ideas require great execution. Great execution comes from a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise. We specialize in the fields of VR and game software. Whatever your dream or idea is, we will provide expert feedback on what it will take to make it a reality. How long will it take? What's the right technology? How many people are required? What is the cost? These are questions that knowledge and expertise can answer, and allows effective execution.


We care

Helping our clients realize their ideas is of the utmost importance to us at Pittari. It's not just a job. It's not just a contract. It's a commitment. We care about the quality and results of all our endeavors. We care about the concerns of our clients, and help address them. We care enough to admit when we're wrong, and care enough to make it right.

Don't be afraid. Don't hesitate. We want to help you achieve your dreams! Contact us!

Company History

Pittari was founded in March of 2015 by American ex-pat and experienced game industry programmer, Lenno Alanis. We are a young company hungry for innovation, and always looking for collaborators and partners to... well... make history!

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