The obvious objective of video games is to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences.
— Shigeru Miyamoto (Time Magazine, 2007)

VR Games

VR is an entirely new experience unlike anything before. And we at Pittari believe that VR will revolutionize the way people enjoy video games. How? Through a powerful new concept called "presence."

Presence is an actual phenomenon that exists, and is not just a buzzword. It describes the feeling of really existing in a virtual space. But achieving presence is not easy. Poor controls, poor game performance, or poor game design, can all break a virtual reality experience.

At Pittari, we have the expertise and knowledge to mitigate these problems. We can help shape your game idea so that it is the perfect VR experience, and provides players with an engaging activity specifically designed for VR.

Whether you are looking to create a fully functional consumer game, a prototype to show investors, or a technical demo for a trade-show, we can help create a memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Contact us to see how we can bring your idea to reality!

VR Architecture

A floor plan is not enough to decide where you want to live. Anyone who has ever shopped for an apartment or house knows the hassle of having to visit each prospective location. VR completely eliminates this inconvenient and expensive hassle.

By properly engineering "presence," VR can place the user in a virtual space without the need for travel. And, with the right technology, you can customize the furniture, design, appliances, fixtures or wall color in an instant. This saves you valuable time, leaves a lasting impression on customers, and saves you money on design costs.

We are looking for the right partner / collaborator to help revolutionize the field of architectural visualization. Do you have expertise in architecture or interior design? If so, Contact us to see how we can work together! We'll do the technical heavy lifting, and bring your designs to virtual reality.

VR Everything!

The wonderful thing about VR is how varied its potential is. Education, medical training, movies, live broadcasting, data visualization... the possibilities truly are limitless.

Do you have an idea, but are not sure if its suitable for VR? Contact us to get some feedback! If our services can help you achieve your dream, we can lay out a step-by-step road-map for what is needed to make it a reality! And, if you require help outside of our expertise, we can possibly refer you to any number of our industry contacts that can help you.